The Parenthetical H!

We here at BeaBe(h)
want you to be a Be(h)n!

Be(h)n’s believe and fight for Equality.

The parenthetical h helps merge the names of the two honorary namesakes. The h is silent therefore it is in parenthesis.

The parenthetical h has therefore become the magic ingredient to being a Be(h)n. It is a Be(h)n’s battle cry, our Tawanda!, if you will.

It is what separates us from the inactive. It is what binds us to a common cause, to fight for equality. Just as some clubs have handshakes, and at one point in history handkerchiefs in pockets were used to decipher one’s identity, and Lesbians wore pinky rings to help recognize each other-  the parenthetical h helps Be(h)ns know they are not alone.

Wear your  (h) with pride and in solidarity!

–We will even have a store with a few (h) products to help sustain our joining the march on Washington to pass the ERA, check back for it–